Dr Helen Hughes

PhD, MEd, BA, Dip Ed FACE, FACEL (Vic), FTGN


• Targeted career coaching for educators • Developing expertise in educational leadership • Building key relationships at school and beyond

About the coach

Dr Helen Hughes

Helen is passionate about bringing out the best in individuals. Her commitment to encouraging ongoing learning and self-awareness for success in educational leadership underpins her consulting and coaching.

She is a Growth Coaching International accredited coach, is a certified practitioner with The Leadership Circle® and a Professional Companion in the Association of Independent Schools NSW Flagship Program for aspiring senior school leaders.

Helen brings to her practice over 30 years of experience in senior educational leadership, including 14 years as Principal in the independent sector. She has refined her knowledge through Masters studies in Educational Issues and Administration and Pastoral Guidance, and has completed PhD research in teacher professional learning and appraisal.

Services provided

Building your career as an educator

One-on-one targeted coaching

  • Recognise your strengths
  • Determine your goals
  • Create directions for success

Clients are guided by the Growth Coaching International approach to recognise their strengths and to determine career goals. Creative approaches to exploring options for success inspire progress to the achievement of goals and career success.

Becoming an effective leader

One-on-one targeted coaching*

  • Develop key competencies for leadership
  • Build productive relationships
  • Explore major research on leadership in schools

* Clients are encouraged to undertake The Leadership Circle Profile ™ (LCP). The LCP has brought together the best of what has been learnt about leadership over the last half century to formulate it into a unified theory of leadership and integrated framework. The LCP measures the two primary leadership domains – the Creative Competencies and Reactive Tendencies – and integrates this information providing key opportunities for leadership development. Detailed personalised feedback is provided.

This coaching is tailored to refine the skills of experienced leaders or to guide beginning leaders.

Exploring and developing your leadership culture

Group seminar (tailored workshops) *

  • Determine your team’s strengths
  • Increase your effectiveness
  • Re-focus together for the highest possible achievement

*The Leadership Culture Survey ™ (LCS) is used to inform this work. This powerful instrument helps to direct you as leaders to where the most critical conversations for effectiveness can be had linked to strategy. It creates new ways of thinking, a refocusing on the right things and provides insight into how strong your vision and desire for change really are.

This approach can enable the development of both senior leaders and middle management.

“The organisation cannot perform at a level higher than the collective effectiveness of its leadership.” (Mastering Leadership, Robert Anderson & William Adams)

Creating meaningful appraisal of teaching practice

Group seminar (tailored workshops)

  • Explore major research on teacher effectiveness
  • Build a community of practice in your school
  • Develop the skills to support a coaching culture

Teacher quality is at the centre of successful student learning (Hallinger et al. 2014; Hattie 2009, 2012) and research indicates the significant impact of focused collaboration amongst teachers to enable the best possible teaching practices to improve student learning outcomes. Clients are taken on a journey of exploration of how teacher effectiveness can be increased and how a productive community of practice can be developed. Mastery of coaching skills, mentoring and giving and receiving of feedback are the key to productive collaboration.


  • The coaching sessions I had with Helen were extremely helpful. During the sessions I developed a detailed plan to support my career advancement in both the short and long term. Helen assisted me to identify the aspects of my work I find most fulfilling, the skills I would like to hone, and to set goals for the next stages of my career. Helen was very skilled at supporting me to identify how I would like to see my career develop in the next six months, one year and beyond, and in giving me a good structure for determining the specific steps I should take to reach those goals. Helen is very personable, empathetic and structured in her approach. The sessions were an absolute pleasure, and I now have a solid plan for the next stage of my career.

    (Senior Executive, Not for Profit Sector)

  • I have been deeply blessed to have been provided with the opportunity to work with Dr Helen Hughes through the AIS Leadership Centre’s Flagship Program. Helen’s kind and gentle manner has helped me to clearly see my options, and the decisions I can make in order to advance my life and my leadership. She has brought to our conversations leadership knowledge and experience, fresh insights and true wisdom. Helen has challenged my thinking, helped me to articulate my goals and, most importantly, enhanced my confidence as an educational leader.

    (Deputy Principal, Independent School Sector)

  • The journey I have taken with Helen has had a profound impact on both my teaching and leadership. The comprehensive survey provided me with insights from my peers at different levels of responsibility and these insights have enabled me to set both realistic and aspirational goals. Helen has used her wealth of experience to guide me through goal setting and reflection. She has given me the confidence to challenge both myself and my teams, while at the same time increasing my awareness of the importance of a good work/life balance. I would highly recommend Helen for her professionalism, approachable manner and practical guidance.

    (Teacher and Leader of Learning Design and Development, Independent Education Sector)


Email: info@drhelenhughes.com.au

Phone: +61 (0)417554860

PO Box 418 Cremorne NSW 2090